At Comprex we aim to provide a wide range of services specifically designed for interior design experts to facilitate and meet the most common technical needs during the process of creating interior spaces. A section where you will have access to tools and solutions that will simplify your work, allowing you to bring ideas to life efficiently and elegantly.

Customised services

We offer highly qualified technical advice during the design phase, working closely with designers to identify the most functional and aesthetically appealing solutions, based on their specific requirements. In addition, we guarantee a comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that projects are followed and supported even after final delivery.


Style inspirations to enrich your interior design projects with Comprex kitchens.


A space that displays all the finishes and materials carefully selected by Comprex.

To always have Comprex’s practical materials folder at your disposal, full of all available finishes, simply complete the registration process.

Express your creativity and share your design projects with Comprex

If you have realised an exceptional project that includes our kitchens, we look forward to hearing about it! Fill in the form below and share the details of your realisation with us: we will create an attractive presentation to share in this section dedicated to Architects, as well as on our social channels. We want to highlight your talent by offering you a space to showcase your most extraordinary projects.
The next best ideas could be yours!


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