Modular kitchen with columns, double island and snack top | CX 15 | CX Frame System | Comprex

Cx frame system

CX 15

The CX 15 kitchen embodies the essence of a design that moves with agility between harmonious proportions, refined thicknesses and the elegance of innovative materials, all combined with the sophisticated technology of the aluminium framed door. This kitchen is not just a functional composition, but a true style statement that lends authenticity and uniqueness to the domestic environment. A kitchen environment that harmoniously blends with the changing rhythms of modern life and knows how to satisfy every customisation request.
Door with aluminum frame, flat groove and "L" socket | CX 15 Kitchen | CX Frame System | Comprex

Door with aluminium frame and 'L' handle

Comprex reinterprets the aesthetics of the framed door with a modern and distinctive approach. This design embodied in the CX 15 kitchen expresses the essence of the company's craftsmanship approach, bringing elegance and innovation to the centre of the cooking experience. This is complemented by the 'L' grip whose clean, geometric shape blends with the profile of the door, creating a refined, modern appearance.
2,2 cm
81 cm
6 - 10 cm
Door with aluminium frame and 'L' handle

The skilful interplay of volumes which alternate between solids and voids not only satisfies the practical requirements of the room, but adds an energetic vitality to the entire concept, turning it into a dynamic and stimulating space.

Internal accessories

The interior equipment of drawers, baskets and tall units is the beating heart of efficiency and organisation in the kitchen. Practicality of use is taken to a higher level without compromising the refined aesthetics of the composition. Every detail is carefully thought out, with a vast choice of accessories that allow customisation and optimisation of the space, improving practicality and increasing the efficiency and user experience of the kitchen exponentially.
Kitchen drawer interior | CX 15 | CX Frame System | Comprex
Kitchen drawer interior | CX 15 | CX Frame System | Comprex
Interior of modular kitchen column | CX 15 | CX Frame System | Comprex

Below are some of the possibilities that represent only a small part of the possibilities that can be realised with the CX 15 model to meet one's personal needs.

The aluminium door blends various materials into a single structure and offers elegant front cover options: from matt lacquer to metallic effects, from glass to ceramics such as the innovative MDi or dekton. Discover them all.
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  • Frontals
  • Top
  • Frame
  • Groove
  • Grip