Cx vidro

CX 19

Designed specifically to lighten modern kitchen spaces, glass finds its ultimate expression in this model's doors. Despite its apparent fragility, it reveals an unsuspected resistance and is able to communicate an astonishing sense of lightness. The art of playing on glass translates into solutions suited to every lifestyle and aesthetic inclination.

Door with aluminum frame and smoked gray or fabric effect tempered glass

The CX 19 kitchen combines the classic aesthetics of the frame with the transparency and texture of glass. The combination of the framed door with glass, or fabric effect glass, offers a fascinating synergy between materials. Whether you wish to enhance the timeless elegance of glass, or add a thin fabric texture for a touch of originality, this model is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a distinctive style and refined atmosphere in their kitchen.
2,2 cm
6 - 10 cm
Door with aluminum frame and smoked gray or fabric effect tempered glass

The endless play of glass between delicacy and strength becomes a form of expression, giving life to a kitchen that reflects authenticity, creativity and functionality.

A material with great expressive power

Glass is an extraordinary ally in interior design: its ability to combine aesthetics and functionality, together with its exceptional versatility, opens up a world of creative possibilities. The skilful use of glass inside kitchen doors transforms this space into an environment of timeless elegance, unique and personalised in every aspect.
The lightness of the CX 19 model is matched only by the attention paid to its aesthetics, which can be customised with textured or lacquered finishes for the structure and doors in smoked tempered glass or with fabric effect.
  • Structure
  • Frontals
  • Frame