Modular kitchen with double island, columns and ceramic portal | CX 14 | CX Frame System | Comprex

Cx frame system

CX 14

The aesthetics of the framed door reaches new heights of refinement thanks to its perfect harmony with fine technical materials such as ceramic and glass. Unparalleled versatility and uncompromising design embrace a wide and flexible modularity, allowing you to shape the space according to your personal taste. The art of cooking and living in a space where every detail speaks elegance, innovation and practicality.
Door with aluminum frame and recessed groove | CX 14 Kitchen | CX Frame System | Comprex

Door with aluminum frame and curved groove

The door of the CX 14 kitchen is characterised by an elegant aluminium frame, light and strong, which creates a visual harmony with the lacquered, glass or ceramic fronts. The choice of the aluminium frame not only increases the aesthetic value of the kitchen, but also emphasises its solidity and durability. The additional element of the recessed groove not only enhances the refinement of the door, but also facilitates its opening and closing, creating a smooth and pleasant user experience.
2,2 cm
81 cm
6 - 10 cm
Door with aluminum frame and curved groove

The CX 14 Comprex kitchen combines technical mastery and visual impact. A solution that expresses great formal cleanliness, creating a unique tactile and visual experience.

MDi Induction worktop

The innovative induction hob with MDi Induction technology represents the ultimate expression of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. This extraordinary system is completely integrated under the hob, made entirely of high-quality ceramic material, and has the ability to automatically detect the size and arrangement of pots and pans, regulating the heat with precision and uniformity. A harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality that makes this solution a true masterpiece of design and engineering.
MDi Induction top for kitchen worktop | CX 14 | CX Frame System | Comprex

The groove decoration draws a clear and precise graphic mark along the surfaces of these compositions. Explore the customisation possibilities to suit your style and needs.

The framed door is dressed with matt or metallic lacquers, glass and ceramics. Explore the finishes chosen by Comprex for the CX 14 design and select the combinations that best reflect your style.
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