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Cx system

CX 11

A contemporary demonstration of linearity, versatility and sophisticated design. This model embodies the essence of balance, with minimalist shapes that create clean, harmonious surfaces, blending functionality and style. It is a perfect example of the synthesis of refined aesthetics and formal simplicity, giving the kitchen a touch of timeless elegance.
Smooth door with recessed groove | CX 11 Kitchen | CX System | Comprex

Smooth door with curved groove

The heart of this model is the smooth door with recessed groove, a distinctive feature that defines the refined style and practical approach of this kitchen. This solution offers not only a clean and harmonious aesthetic, but also an easy and comfortable grip to open the doors naturally. The door not only gives the kitchen distinctive character, but also defines an ergonomic grip that conveys comfort and style.
2,2 cm
81 cm
6 - 10 cm
Smooth door with curved groove

The groove, a distinctive element of this model, gives a clean, linear aesthetic, embodying minimalism that offers versatility of style through selected materials and finishes.

Ceramic worktops

A kitchen where the ceramic worktop emphasises the efficiency of the hobs and the elegance of the design: the hobs are customised and directly inserted into the worktop. This design not only adds a touch of elegance to the room, but also offers a practical and versatile cooking experience. The expressive power of ceramics is also enhanced by the integrated basin. The lateral slope ensures the correct water flow and avoids joints at the bottom as well as giving the sink a special character thanks to the decentralised drain.
Integrated hobs on kitchen worktop | CX 11 | CX System | Comprex
Integrated basin on kitchen worktop | CX 11 | CX System | Comprex

Architectural compositions with glass columns, influences with the living space, snack tops: a wide range of compositions to serve unique and different results.

Sophisticated colour and material combinations are at the heart of this model. Discover the wide range of finishes to customise the worktop, structure and groove of CX 11.
  • Structure
  • Frontals
  • Top
  • Groove