Since 1982, Comprex stands out as one of the leading kitchen manufacturers, both nationally and internationally, thanks to its constant dedication to the creation of unique design solutions, flexible modularity and extraordinarily exclusive details.
It represents the pinnacle of innovation in terms of functionality, aesthetics and technology, the result of a constant commitment to research and experimentation

Innovation, development and Made in Italy quality

People’s needs, continuous research and creativity are the tools that have guided Comprex’s development, the drive towards new projects and the creation of solutions to develop the perfect kitchen space. Becoming part of the DA Group in 2021 was a significant turning point for the brand, marking the beginning of an extensive renewal of the entire product range and opening the door to a new chapter of innovation and improvement.

Comprex is part of DA Group, a company that offers a wide selection of high quality furniture, entirely manufactured in Italy, for bathroom, living and night areas.

Production 4.0, always on the cutting edge

We have undertaken a major investment journey to fully embrace manufacturing 4.0, a cutting-edge approach that reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and efficiency. Thanks to data integration, we are able to monitor and optimise every aspect of the production process, anticipating our customers’ needs and reacting quickly to market challenges. Our 4.0 production not only stands for efficiency and precision, but is also a key pillar in our mission to protect the environment by minimising waste and optimising the use of resources, contributing to a more sustainable world.


UNI EN ISO 9001 from 1993

Excellence, environmental protection and a focus on safety.

100% Made in Italy from 2014

We ensure the Italian quality and excellence of our products.

Choosing Comprex means immersing into a universe where quality is palpable.

Our production is guided by an approach that ensures maximum precision and reliability at every stage, whose constant monitoring enables us to optimise efficiency and maintain a high quality standard. The presence of a highly qualified workforce with a historical background of experience is a key element of our success. The experience and dedication of our team combined with the adoption of cutting-edge technologies are the beating heart of our operations, ensuring products that meet the strictest standards of excellence. UNI EN ISO 9001 certification is the tangible acknowledgement of our dedication to quality management.

Italian excellence, dedication to craftsmanship and passion for every detail

As a result of our connection to our territory and our commitment to craftsmanship excellence, the ‘100% Made in Italy’ certification is a guarantee that everything, from Comprex’s exclusive conception and design, to the process traceability and to the origin of raw materials, takes place in Italy. This allows us to maintain total control over the quality of our products. From the careful selection of suppliers to the choice of high-quality materials, every decision is guided by our passion for Made in Italy.


Our environmental commitment to sustainability.


A world of materials to be explored and elegantly combined.