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CX 16

Incisive geometries and meticulous attention to detail converge in an unparalleled creation. This kitchen represents the culmination of refined design, where the combination of multifaceted handles and the revolutionary technology of the aluminium honeycomb doors create a combination of shapes and materials that define a unique atmosphere. It is not just a room where food takes shape, but a place that celebrates the art of modern living: a tribute to contemporary aesthetics, a perfect match of bold shapes and cutting-edge technical solutions.
Aluminum honeycomb door with handle | CX 16 Kitchen | CX Alumina | Comprex

Aluminum honeycomb door with handle

The 16 mm thick aluminium honeycomb door is lightness and technology, but also elegance, durability and practicality. Traditional handle approach offers an ergonomic and intuitive grip and is a bridge between functionality and aesthetics. This solution embodies the essence of modernity, offering a kitchen experience that is at the cutting edge of style and performance.
1,6 cm
78 cm
6 - 10 cm
Aluminum honeycomb door with handle

An environment where materials delineate a unique identity, where functionality and movement in the kitchen blend harmoniously with the rigour and formal cleanliness of design.

The elegance of metal finishes

Comprex's metal finishes embody a sophisticated, contemporary elegance, thanks to the brushing that creates a subtle, linear texture. This lends a timeless style, fitting perfectly into kitchens of all styles, from classic to modern. These light and strong materials not only offer a distinctive appearance, but also a durable surface that is easy to maintain over time.
Kitchen columns in metal finishes | CX 16 | CX Alumina | Comprex
Kitchen island in metal finishes and stainless steel hobs | CX 16 | CX Alumina | Comprex

A model with countless compositional possibilities, with columns up to 2.7m, snack tops, islands and peninsulas. Here are some ideas to stimulate your imagination.

Create your own customisation of the CX 16 model by choosing from metal or cannet wood finishes for the door and a wide range of Comprex finishes for the worktop. Start your project now!
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