Modular kitchen with island, glass columns and metal lacquered columns | CX 12 | CX System | Comprex

Cx system

CX 12

A kitchen space where elegance of aesthetics and efficiency of use come together in harmony. This design reflects the need for more and more diverse and representative environments, meeting the requirements of the most varied contemporary lifestyles. Open to customisation with fitted modules, functional solutions and made-to-measure worktops to create absolute harmony between space and emotions, fully embracing the vision of an engaging and welcoming kitchen environment.
Smooth door with 30° grip and flat groove | CX 12 kitchen | CX System | Comprex

Smooth door with 30° socket and flat throat

The CX 12 kitchen features a door with a 30° grip on a flat groove, an innovative solution that combines a clean and essential avant-garde design. This concept eliminates any need for handles, thanks to the 30° cut of the door itself. This not only gives the kitchen a modern look, but also makes it easy and intuitive to open.
2,2 cm
81 cm
6 - 10 cm
Smooth door with 30° socket and flat throat

A model that confirms itself as the fulcrum of the home, the meeting point of family life and the beating heart of shared conviviality.

The elegance of fine materials

The skilful use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, Fenix or natural stone lends a high degree of sophistication to the design. Fenix, with its innovative surface technology, offers a perfect combination of modern aesthetics and durable strength. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is a ductile, hard-wearing, hygienic material and these characteristics make it perfect in kitchen spaces to achieve great performance. The stainless steel-clad door is the result of exclusive technologies, but above all of concrete demands for functionality and performance.
Stainless steel kitchen island | CX 12 | CX System | Comprex
Fenix kitchen island | CX 12 | CX System | Comprex
Marble kitchen island | CX 12 | CX System | Comprex

A kitchen that is an expression of top-quality materials. Imagine this kitchen made specifically for you and take inspiration from the following compositions to customise it according to your tastes and needs.

A design that blends the ethereal quality of technical materials such as Fenix® with the metallic tones of special lacquers. Discover the combinations you can create with CX 12 and the wide range of Comprex finishes.
  • Structure
  • Frontals
  • Top
  • Groove
  • Grip