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CX 10

A kitchen where aesthetic uniformity and linearity are the main protagonists. A distinctive feature is the handle that offers a practical and functional grip and adds a touch of exclusivity to the entire composition, framing this kitchen with a refined style. Harmonious volumes and formal cleanliness represent the epitome of aesthetic uniformity.
Smooth door with handle | CX 10 Kitchen | CX System | Comprex

Smooth door with handle

The smooth door with handle represents a combination of minimalism and practicality, offering an essential aesthetic without compromising convenience. The choice of handle can greatly influence the overall appearance of the kitchen, allowing it to add an emphasis of style that reflects each personality. Every detail is precisely thought out, creating a distinctive style that brings a touch of functionality to the kitchen environment.
2,2 cm
78 cm
6 - 10 cm
Smooth door with handle

This clean, refined design is made even more customisable thanks to the wide range of handle available.

Sculptural elements and passion for materials

From the sculptural details, such as the spacers that contribute to creating a unique object, or the ceramic casing, the passion for the material strongly stands out: true works of art that are not only functional, but also aesthetic. Plays of materials, light and shadow give lightness to the composition and create an unusual spatiality, transforming the kitchen furniture into a visual and tactile experience. Details that allow the material to reach its highest expression, conveying its unique character through accurate details and craftsmanship.
Ceramic kitchen island | CX System | Comprex
Ceramic kitchen island spacers | CX System | Comprex
Ceramic portal | CX 10 kitchen | CX System | Comprex

A model characterised by simple, rigorous lines, capable of giving lightness even to complex surfaces. Be inspired by our CX 10 proposals.

The limitless versatility of the CX 10 model is expressed through a wide selection of finishes, from elegant lacquer to sophisticated Fenix, from warm woods to stainless steel. Discover them all!
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