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CX 18

The CX 18 kitchen stands out as an extraordinary expression of the harmony between natural elements and technological solutions in cutting-edge design. This fascinating concept creates a design layout that embraces the research of maximum compositional freedom. Capable of meeting high standards of performance and aesthetic quality to simplify daily activities in the kitchen, creating an environment where work becomes a pleasure.
Aluminum honeycomb door and recessed groove | CX 18 Kitchen | CX Alumina | Comprex

Aluminum honeycomb door and curved groove

The innovative aluminium honeycomb door with recessed groove is the beating heart of the CX 18 kitchen. The choice of aluminium honeycomb not only ensures a distinctive design, but also meets the need of flexibility and weight reduction. The fusion of aluminium's solidity and the thin groove creates an aesthetic and practical balance, making the kitchen a space where design and functionality meet in harmony.
1,6 cm
81 cm
6 - 10 cm
Aluminum honeycomb door and curved groove

The result is a kitchen that goes beyond functionality, becoming a work of art in its own right, in harmony with the taste and lifestyle of its users.

The beauty of canneté doors

Canneté doors represent a refined combination of tradition and modernity in Comprex's kitchen world. This distinctive style combines the timeless beauty of the canneté pattern, reminiscent of craftsmanship, with the innovation of contemporary materials and technology. The effect on the doors lends a unique and elegant character to the kitchen, creating a delicate and eye-catching texture on the surface. Every detail is carefully crafted, giving the doors a visual depth and tactile sophistication that stand out in the room.
Columns with canneté doors | CX 18 kitchen | CX Alumina | Comprex
Columns with canneté doors | CX 18 kitchen | CX Alumina | Comprex

The CX 18 design draws elegant and refined kitchen environments where technological and natural materials blend together. Below are some examples of compositions and an invitation to imagine your new kitchen.

In addition to the metallic or canneté finishes that characterise the CX 18 model doors, you will find a wide selection of worktop finishes ready to be discovered. Start now!
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