During Milan Design Week, we had the pleasure to present our latest design: the Tray door. Fuorisalone was not only an opportunity to show our novelties, but also an opportunity to immerse ourselves in our brand’s creative vision and functional solutions.

Cucina Comprex Fuorisalone 2024

Columns with Tray door and backrest in Fior di Pesco natural stone, island with heat-treated oak doors

The addition of the Tray door to the Kitchen Collection

The Tray door is characterised by its only 10 mm perimeter profile, a detail that reveals meticulous attention to detail and gives the door a timeless elegance. This slim profile not only enhances the kitchen’s finish, but also creates suggestive plays of light, giving depth and liveliness to the environment.

Designed to meet contemporary lifestyle needs, this new door fits harmoniously into sophisticated and refined design environments, offering both functionality and versatility.

This new furniture item embodies a meeting of tradition and modernity, by combining classic lines with a bold and innovative interpretation.

The kitchen presented is characterised by a harmonious balance of modern shapes and fine materials, giving the environment a timeless elegance.

Tall units, equipped with Tray doors in oxidised steel lacquer that give the kitchen a strong, contemporary character, are embellished with a back panel in precious Fior di Pesco natural stone that adds a touch of luxury and refinement and creates a striking and sophisticated contrast.

The central island, the beating heart of the kitchen, catches the eye with its heat-treated oak doors, which exude warmth and naturalness. The black metal groove running the entire length of the island adds a bold, contemporary design element, creating a fascinating fusion of materials and shapes. The hob and sink integrated in the Fior di Pesco natural stone top add a note of practicality and functionality, transforming the island not only into a design element, but also into an efficient and versatile operating space.

Harmonious integration: Comprex and Dallagnese

Comprex kitchens stand out for their refined design, quality materials and impeccable functionality and blend harmoniously with Dallagnese furnishings, creating infinite synergies between the group’s brands.

The Bamboo bookcase by Dallagnese, with its timeless elegance and versatility, perfectly matches the Comprex kitchens, adding a touch of style and functionality to living spaces. As well as the chairs and tables, characterised by clean lines and high quality materials, which blend perfectly with the design of the kitchens, creating a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere.

Thanks to the sharing of materials, finishes and modularity between the different brands, home spaces become fluid and coordinated, creating a cohesive and harmonious environment.