Discover the new Comprex kitchen collection. This extraordinary range of kitchen solutions embodies the essence of contemporary design, combining sophisticated aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. With four distinct systems and using the highest quality materials, these kitchens represent a perfect match between form and function.

CX 11 kitchen in carbon oak wood and Moka Abujardado Jasper stoneware.

Unique, complete and versatile kitchen systems

The collection features four distinct systems – CX System, CX Frame System, CX Alumina and CX Vidro – each with its own uniqueness, perfectly reflecting the essence of contemporary design. Each Comprex kitchen system is a complete and versatile project, capable of meeting any requirement. The modular solutions offered by these systems make it possible to create the perfect kitchen, where the art of everyday living blends harmoniously with innovation and cutting-edge technology.

A harmonious dialogue between innovation and cutting-edge functions, creating a perfect synthesis of refined aesthetics, minimalist shapes and technical intelligence.

Transversal and adaptable systems that allow endless design possibilities. Starting with the CX System, an avant-garde kitchen system with essential design and extensive customisation with different opening options and over 75 finishes. If the CX Frame System combines tradition and innovation, allowing the use of precious materials such as ceramic and glass, CX Alumina combines the natural beauty of wood with the innovation of aluminium.

Materials with high technological content

In addition to innovative systems, the Kitchen Collection embraces innovation and technology in the use of cutting-edge materials that ensure maximum durability and ease of use. In the constantly evolving world of kitchen design, the use of innovative materials defines the design of kitchens by combining aesthetics, functionality and durability in a single solution. Materials such as Fenix, with its scratch-resistant surface, and MDI Inalco, with its resistance to high temperatures and stains, ensure that these kitchens will retain their beauty over time.


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The revolutionary MDi Induction technology: a tailor-made induction hob, the supreme embodiment of aesthetics and advanced technology in cooking.

This unique system, fully integrated under the worktop, is made of high-quality ceramic materials and offers an unprecedented solution in terms of heat control and efficiency. Thanks to an advanced automatic detection system, it is able to detect the size and arrangement of pots and pans, regulating the heat with precision and uniformity. This extraordinary combination of aesthetics and functionality transforms the MDi Induction hob into a true masterpiece of design and engineering.

Glass lightness in kitchen

The CX Vidro system and the CX 19 model were designed by Comprex to bring lightness to every composition. The glass surfaces lend an unparalleled elegance, while the transparency creates a feeling of spaciousness. These kitchens are the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality. Furthermore, the choice of glass with fabric effect blends the aesthetics of glass with the sophisticated texture of fabric, creating a striking combination of light, transparency and tactility.

Comprex kitchens are the meeting point between contemporary style and innovation, expressing themselves in all their beauty through a wide range of finishes and models with ample modularity.

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