Compex skilfully uses glass to add a touch of lightness to kitchens, exploiting the intrinsic characteristics of this refined material. An infinite range of possibilities is offered through the skilful use of colours and the creation of evocative textures that stimulate senses.

Despite its apparent fragility, it is surprisingly resilient and can transmit an unexpected and fascinating feeling of lightness.


Tempered glass is obtained through the fusion of natural substances that are then subjected to a heat process at high temperatures, making it five times stronger than regular glass that can absorb more impact. In the event of breakage, the glass fragments into numerous small, non-cutting pieces that remain firmly attached to the door.


Glass, in kitchen, has multiple practical advantages, including excellent hygiene due to its nonporosity, resistance to scratches, stains and heat. It is waterproof to liquids and maintains its integrity over time, offering a durable and sustainable choice to create high-quality kitchen environments.


Glass is a sustainable choice as it is easily recyclable, allowing a reduction in waste and environmental impact, and non-toxic. In fact, The etched and polished finishes are painted with water-based paints. This process helps reduce the presence of synthetic solvents and completely eliminates aromatic ones, which are known to be highly carcinogenic.


Glass does not deform or burn. It is a hygienic material, immune to mold and bacteria attack, and its cleaning is simple and easy. To keep the surface clean, we suggest using neutral liquid detergents and a soft cloth. We also recommend avoiding using abrasive products such as trichloroethylene, acetone or solvents.

Discover all the glass finishes available to furnish your kitchen. You can choose between satin and polished options or opt for fabric effect glass.
  • Trasparent glasses
  • Glossy glasses
  • Acid-etched glasses


Download the finishes seen above. You will have them at your fingertips to make your furniture choices.