Choosing the right material is crucial to create the desired atmosphere in your kitchen. With Comprex material finishes you can simulate a wide range of materials, from the elegant warmth of wood to modern, sophisticated resins.

Explore different textures and colours to find the perfect combination for your style.


At Comprex we choose only FSC-certified panels: a decision that combines style and environmental responsibility. Each panel is made with wood from sustainably managed forests, ensuring that the raw material is obtained with respect for the environment and local communities. This FSC certification represents a concrete commitment to the forest resource conservation and the protection of biodiversity.


Comprex textured finishes are the result of a sophisticated combination of chipboard sheets covered with a thin paper that has been impregnated with synthetic resin. The wooden base guarantees a solid structure, providing stable strength, while the many available decorative paper options allow a wide range of effects and finishes from the traditional elegance of wood to modern, bold resin-effect surfaces.


The use of different textured finishes, such as warm walnut or refined oak, or even opting for satin effects such as metal or bronze, opens up a wide range of possibilities to customise the style of your kitchen in a unique and distinctive way. Thanks to the wide variety of materials available, you can create customised aesthetic effects, making your kitchen a true masterpiece of design.


To clean, we suggest using a damp sponge together with a common liquid surface cleaner. We do not recommend using particularly abrasive products, such as steel wool pads, as they may cause scratches on the surface. We also advise against the use of overly aggressive chemicals and disinfectants. Opt for gentle cleaning solutions to best maintain the integrity and beauty of surfaces.

Discover the wide range of Comprex material finishes and be inspired by the endless combinations to create the kitchen of your dreams.
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Download the finishes seen above. You will have them at your fingertips to make your furniture choices.