New Comprex showroom: elegance meets functionality

With input from our art director, Matteo Zorzenoni, we have moulded a space that breathes elegance through curved, sinuous lines, set in neutral tones that embody the quintessence of refinement.

Curved elegance and neutral tones: a harmonious dialogue

Curved, sinuous lines are revealed in every corner of our showroom. The visual harmony created through the fluidity of the forms not only creates a visual narrative that captures the eye, but is also a tribute to timeless beauty. The skilful use of carefully selected neutral colours helps to create an elegant and refined background, allowing the shapes to emerge in all their beauty.

Intricate curved lines, neutral tones, and a harmonious fusion of form and function define our new showroom.

Comprex kitchens are conceived as living spaces and draw inspiration from architectural mastery, where every detail is designed to create harmony between solids and voids. Crossings of materials and volumes create dynamic and functional spaces, transforming the kitchen into a place where creativity merges with aesthetics in a perfect blend.

Kitchens to enjoy: warmth and functionality in perfect harmony

Kitchens that go beyond pure functionality, conceived to be enjoyed and designed to be sensorial experiences. Every detail has been carefully thought out to ensure that the functionality blends harmoniously with the surroundings. The environments exude warmth, transforming the kitchen into a cosy place to connect with others. Nothing is left to chance, from the intelligent layout to the use of high-quality materials, everything is designed to ensure effortless conviviality.