Performance and innovation: aluminium honeycomb doors

Lightweight, durable and eco-friendly, aluminium honeycomb plays a central role in the maxi doors of Comprex’s CX Alumina system, transforming kitchens into contemporary architectural elements characterised by clear lines and a distinctive design.

Innovation that transforms kitchen design

In the kitchen design world, innovation offers increasingly practical and versatile solutions. Modern kitchens are not only functional spaces, but also places of personal expression and style. With the use of aluminium honeycomb, Comprex takes aesthetics and kitchen performance to a whole new level. This lightweight yet extremely resistant material allows the construction of large doors, such as 2.7 metre tall units, without compromising strength and durability.

CX Alumina stands out for a unique proposition that is characterised by technique and style, ensuring lightness, robustness and long-lasting beauty.

Honeycomb aluminium features a structure similar to a beehive, with a series of interconnected cells that provide lightness and strength. These cells are formed through aluminium extrusion or forming processes, where the metal is subjected to high temperatures and precise pressures. This process results in a uniform and well-defined configuration of interconnected cells.

Performance and technical features

Customisation and design without boundaries: Thanks to its light and strong nature, aluminium honeycomb makes it possible to create large doors without adding visible supports. This not only gives the kitchen a clean, contemporary look, but also allows maximum use of the available vertical space, creating a feeling of spaciousness and openness and offering a wide range of customisation possibilities.

Durability and sustainability: Aluminium is an eco-friendly and 100% recyclable material, making it a sustainable choice for modern kitchens. Comprex aluminium honeycomb doors not only offer excellent performance over time, but also contribute to the overall environmental impact of the kitchen.

Lightness and hygiene: Its hollow-cell structure makes this material incredibly light, offering an optimal choice for weight-reducing applications. Honeycomb doors not only offer lightness, but also high hygiene and resistance: their surface is easy to clean and offers effective protection against impacts, stains and scratches.

Ante in alveolare d'alluminio | CX Alumina | Comprex
Ante in alveolare d'alluminio | CX Alumina | Comprex